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With a building conversion or extension, you can make more of your property. Our services allow you to create new office space or even bedrooms in small and medium sized properties alike.

Make the most of your home

The loft of a building is often packed full of unused furniture and Christmas decorations. Why not turn that space into a brand new bedroom or office? We provide affordable loft conversions for all kinds of homes.

Creating new space in the loft

Need help deciding if an extension or conversion is possible? Call our team on 020 8840 6661, and we'll arrange a visit to your home.

Basements across London are regularly converted into office space, or even whole flats.


We can help you create living space and even window wells beneath your home or office.

Enjoy extra space in the home or office with building conversions. Call 020 8840 6661

Free callouts and advice

Basement conversion

From planning and design, to construction and finishing, we offer it all. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive building service and a fantastic finished product. Find out more or arrange an appointment by calling us on 020 8840 6661.

A start-to-finish service

Loft conversion with beams on the ceiling Roof with insulation between the beams